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John Matton

Founder  I  Producer  I  Screen Writer

Swedish award winning writer and producer John Matton has contributed to the independent film community in New york with several different projects amongst them the documentary Lives of Bernard Herrmann, including interviews with Alec Baldwin, The Philosopher King, FEMME, Ecstacy and Agony, but is best known for writing and producing the 2016 independent feature film Till We Meet Again, which obtained world wide distribution and a limited theatrical release in the US. The film also won several awards including 'Best Picture' Jury Prize and Best Picture Audience Award at Long Beach International Film Festival, Johan and the film also won 'Award of Merit Special Mention for Best Feature Film" and the "Award of Excellence" at Los Angeles Film Festival Awards. Matton also starred in Till We Meet Again and won an Indie Fest Award of Merit for his performance. Johan was honored with the CINE Golden Eagle Finalist Recognition 2015 for Till We Meet Again.  Johan and his films have screened at over 70 film festivals around the world and he continues to produce and act in independent films both in New York, Asia and Europe through his production company Changing Film Productions. Johan is the Founder and Festival Director of Nordic International Film Festival. He is helping all projects achieve their vision and goals, please contact him for a quote and we can begin working together.


Linnea larsdotter

Linnea Larsdotter

Producer  I  Screen Writer

Linnea Larsdotter is used to work both behind and in front of the camera. Her strengths as a producer includes everything visual, from location scouting to graphic design. As a casting director, Larsdotter's vast network can present the perfect actor for any role. Linnea was one of the co-producers of the award-winning film Till We Meet Again, which she also acted in, and was awarded 'Best Actress' for her performance. Her visual concept designs has helped find both investors and distribution for feature films and series both internationally and domestically. Linnea is a Founder and Creative Director of Nordic International Film Festival.