Our Services

It's not just about the hours put in, it's also about experience and connections - Producers Guild of America

It Doesn't Matter If You're Planning A Feature Film, A Documentary, A Short Film Or A Web-Series; If We Like The Concept, Changing Film Can Help With All Aspect Of The Production. Everything From Pre-Production To Post-Production. Having Worked In The New York Film Community For Years, We At Changing Film Have A Vast Network With Every Crew Member You Might Need For Your Team, And The Gear You Need To Get The Best Looking Film Possible. We Are Glad To Share Our Experience, Knowledge, And Contacts. Making Your Project Stand Out Is Key, Both For Potential Investors, Festival Submissions And Movie Goers. We Custom Make A Materials For Your Projects, Making It As Sellable As Possible. We Also Have Services Towards Actors, Send Us An Email And We'll Tell You More.



Producing/Co-producing - It doesn't matter if you're planning a feature film, a documentary, a short film or a web-series; if we like the concept, Changing Film can help with all aspect of the production. Everything from pre-production to post-production, we are glad to share our experience, knowledge, and contacts. 

Production Coordination

Our production coordinator serves under the production manager or Producer, and coordinates the various groups and personnel that need to come together in filmmaking to a movie and video production to make a television show. It is a supervisory position to the Production assistant staff and our team has coordinated high budget Narratives to Intense fast commercials

Script Consulting / Screenwriting

Arch/Characters/Events - As award winning actors/screenwriters, Johan and Linnea have a unique advantage as script consultants. By being able to read your script from a performers point of view, you will get an intimate breakdown of your script, along with suggestions regarding both story and the characters. 

Graphic Design

Poster/Prospect/Website - Making your project stand out is key, both for potential investors, festival submissions and movie goers. We custom make all material for your projects, making it as sellable as possible. We also have services towards actors, send us an email and we'll tell you more.

Crew and Equipment

Behind the Camera -  Having worked in the New York film community for years, we have a great network with every crew member you might need for your team, and the gear you need to get the best looking film possible.


Casting/Readers/Actors - If you are casting for a project, Changing Film can make that process easier. Weather you need recommendations, a reader or just someone to create and review your notice, we can help.

Edit Consulting

Rough cut to Picture lock - No piece of art is ever finished, it's only abandoned. We can help with consulting throughout the editing process, where to trim away, and what's needed to drive the story forward. We also offer consulting on color grading, sound mix and ADR.

Location Scouting

One of our strengths here at Changing Film is to help you find the perfect location for both your script and your budget. We have a great network in New York, Scandinavia and South-East Asia. We're location scouted for 'Lives of Bernard Herrmann' (Alec Baldwin), 'Three Christs' (Morgan Freeman, Richard Gere) which takes place in 1965 and we've went to the other side of the Atlantic to location scout in Thailand for 'Till We Meet Again'. 

Concept and Branding

We write new concept for your music video, commercial, new brand, start up, short or feature film. We write with you or as stand alone screen writers. We develop concept ideas, storys and characters with you to best fit your project and with new and original ideas of story telling and branding. We handle all PR, social media and create commercials for your brand or product.

Post Production

Color grading, sound mixing and packaging for distribution companies and festival. We got you! We take the enormous work load in our hands and will make all deliverables to your distribution company or help you obtain distribution if you haven't already. We oversee all packaging of the film, the website, social media, rotten tomatoes, meta critics the IMDb and all other elements.

Festival Structure

If you are unsure as to where to have your world premiere, Changing Film can help with planning the entire festival year, making the most of the submission fees, and maximizing those laurels. Our feature films have won both audience award and jury awards for best feature film at renowned US festivals, amongst them Long Beach International Film Festival.