Till We Meet Again is a great example of what independent filmmakers can achieve. ★★★★
— The UP Coming

This beautifully-shot tale is a story that so many couples may encounter during their relationship, and it is a real and true depiction of two people’s journey ★★★★
— Vulture Hound Magazine

With its vibrant cast, who all deliver equally impressive performances throughout, the movie is an artistic and original take on a recognisable romantic drama story, with numerous emotive twists and turns. ★★★★
— The UP Coming

Linnea is an absolute professional behind the camera and completely immerses herself in a character and story while on camera. On set, she utilizes her skills as both producer and performer to work closely with the crew, which ensures a smooth and fine-crafted production.
— Brandon Brown, director

Till We Meet Again may sound like the story of every single person who has ever gone traveling around the globe to “discover themselves,” but as the film unravels, there is a deeper meaning to this journey of self-discovery! ★★★★
— Vulture Hound Magazine

It’s not difficult to see why Till We Meet Again has won five prestigious film festival awards already ★★★★
— The UP Coming

Diligence, patience, and a readiness to adapt shine above the chaos... even on the most hectic of projects. Always a genuine experience working with Changing Film Production
— Benjamin Murray - Incline Productions

“The characters are engrossing.
— CINE JURY 2015

The intentions of both star and writer Johan Matton’s impressive script are driven home in illuminating and impactful fashion ★★★★
— Filmoria

Through naturalistic and terrific performances that subtly display the complexities and hardships of one trying to find their place in the world, Till We Meet Again proves to be an intoxicating, exquisitely shot ensemble piece. ★★★★
— Filmoria

“Such a beautiful well-acted film with a great story.
— CINE JURY 2015

The Writer of Till We Meet Again should be commended for their thoughtful approach to character and story.
— Aaron Pope, Screenwriter and Script Analysist

This is a smart compelling script that could attract top talent and become a festival darling
— Coverage ink

Till We Meet Again has an interesting and original premise.
— Scriptapalooza



“[Changing Film] you have been absolutely amazing! I could never dream that everything would be handled this well! Many thanks from the depths of my heart.” - Staffan Lindberg