Changing Film Productions producer couple Johan Matton and Linnea Larsdotter are proud to have created, produced and also production managed large scale commercials for major network and clients, consulting in launching projects and products as well as handling live broadcast and time sensitive newsroom such for Snapchat for the Olympic Games 2018. Obtaining 32million viewers on our originally created content through 17 days, creating 270+ snaps in total. We are happy to provide you our commercial reel upon request and or reference phone numbers and e-mails to any clients we've worked with.

CFP is a full service production company based in New York City, with satellite opportunities in Bangkok and Stockholm. Our strength is independent narrative work, and we love working on foreign productions bringing their visions over to New York City. What makes us different is our capacity of executing a project with high quality for high-end companies with a low budget. We are willing and ready to travel anywhere in the world to add production value. With our feature film background, we bring narrative storytelling and cinematic experience to our commercials